Based on our vast knowledge in the neurology sector, we are well aware that consequences associated with traumatic brain injuries may become worse rapidly without treatment. Hence, as qualified and experienced doctors of Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic NY we assess the situation of our patients quickly as possible.

Treatment Options to Cure TBI

Our experts associated with New York Traumatic Brain Injury offer treatment solutions depending on whether a patient has mild injury or requires an emergency care immediately.

Mild Injury

Under our Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment, we monitor the condition of a patient closely to detect any persistent worsening of existing or the presence of a new symptom. Even we recommend the patient to go for follow-up appointments from our doctors.

Emergency Care

Our experts involved in New York Traumatic Brain Injury provide emergency care to deal with moderate and severe forms of traumatic brain injuries. Accordingly, we make sure the patient gets enough blood and oxygen supplies, has proper blood pressure and prevents any further injury to his/her neck or head.

Rehabilitation Solutions

Based on our experience to handle traumatic injury patients, we know that people experienced severe form of brain injury requires rehabilitation. Hence, our Brain Injury Rehabilitation New York team provides rehabilitation therapy to help patients in relearning their basic skills, like talking, walking and similar others. Our main objective behind providing rehab therapy is to improve the abilities of individuals to perform their daily activities.

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