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Forgetting where you have put something. Losing things around the house.
Finding a television story difficult to follow.
Finding that a word is "on the tip of your tongue." You know what it is but you cannot quite find it.
Starting to read something (Book, Newspaper, Magazine) without realizing that you have already read it before.
Having to go back to check whether you have done something that you meant to do.
When talking to someone, forgetting what you have just said. Maybe saying "What was I talking about?"
Having difficulty picking up a new skill. For example, finding it hard to learn a new game or to work a new gadget after you have practiced it once or twice.
Forgetting details of things you do regularly, whether at home or work, for example forgetting details of what to do or what time it is.
Getting lost or turning in the wrong direction on a journey, on a walk, or in a building where you have been before.



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